Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem is a healthy, convenient way for people to lose weight. Customers make a phone call or go online to order the meals they want, and the food is delivered to their homes. They select a month’s supply of meals to be delivered at once. The Nutrisystem Diet instantly makes things easy.

A day’s supply of food generally includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert. In addition to the delivered meals, customers are encouraged to purchase fruits, vegetables and dairy products to have as daily snacks.

There is a wide variety of foods available, so customers are likely to find items they enjoy. The meals are individually wrapped, making it easy for customers to prepare the food by microwave. What You Will Get With Your Month Supply Of Meals

  • Over 100 perfectly portioned, ready-to-go meals to choose from
  • Complete VIP access to tools and support to help keep you on track
  • Transition and maintenance plans to help you keep the weight off
  • Direct phone access to weight loss counselors for instant advice
  • Priority processing so you start your journey even sooner

Nutrisystem meals are convenient because they do not have to be frozen. Customers can store them in their desks at work. They can easily take the food with them if they will be away from home overnight.

The meals are healthy and meet the government’s established nutritional guidelines. They do not exceed the recommended daily amount of sodium, cholesterol or saturated fats. Most meals are good sources of fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin B-12 and vitamin D.

Customers can select meal plans that best fit their needs. Dietary plans for women include meals that total approximately 1200 calories a day. Plans for men have 1500 total calories per day.

Meal plans are available for those who are diabetic and need fewer carbohydrates in their diets. There are also plans for elderly people who need more of certain vitamins and minerals.

When people eat Nutrisystem’s prepackaged meals, they learn about appropriate portion sizes for food. Customers receive a guide to help them prepare healthy portions of food after they stop eating Nutrisystem meals.

An additional benefit to Nutrisystem is the support that customers receive. They can call and speak with counselors about dietary concerns. They can also participate in online forums to interact with others using the meal plan. These services are free to customers.

It is also free to join Nutrisystem. The food is approximately $8 to $12 day, which adds up to about $300 a month, if not less. There are coupons to help cover the cost of the meals. Coupons are available from companies that have partnered with Nutrisystem Diet.

Coupons can really help for customers who want to try Nutrisystem but are on a tight budget. Some coupons include free delivery of food. With the help of coupons, customers can buy healthy meals and lose weight.

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