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How To Use Nutrisystem Coupons When Ordering Online

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The meals that are necessary in order to use the Nutrisystem diet plan were once available only through Nutrisystem catalogs and representatives. The meals can now be ordered online through Nutrisystem. They are also starting to appear in specific grocery stores. One of the ways that people who are following this diet will be able to save money is by using Nutrisystem coupons. These coupons are special codes that are used to provide discounts when placing an order for the meals. There are two primary ways to use a Nutrisystem coupon online.

The simplest way to use a Nutrisystem coupon when placing an order is to access the official website through the coupon link that is provided. This link will automatically populate the discount fields on the NutriSystem website with the code that is necessary. This type of discount does not require any additional input from the shopper.

Another way to use Nutrisystem coupons is to write down the actual code. The code is often a seemingly random sequence of letters and numbers. This code must be entered on the Nutrisystem website during the checkout process. It is important to locate this box before completing an order so that the savings are applied. The code needs to be entered exactly as it appears otherwise Nutrisystem will not recognize the coupon. The discounts that the coupons provide do not always appear before reaching checkout.

The meals that are offered by Nutrisystem are sold in a few different ways. They can be purchased individually, in bulk or as part of a subscription plan. Nutrisystem free shipping coupons are normally available for any type of purchase online. The large majority of coupons are only valid for the subscription plans that are available. The coupon codes that work on the website cannot be used when purchasing meals from a brick and mortar retail store.

The ordering method that Nutrisystem encourages the most is the 28-day automatic delivery plan. This plan will send enough food for 28 days along with a planner and resource guide. The same order will arrive to the home again 28 days later. The shipping and billing process is automated at this point. The large majority of Nutrisystem coupons provide discounts as high as 50 percent off when subscribing to the automatic delivery plan. The coupons also normally state that the first 28-day shipment must be purchased at full price before the discount starts on all subsequent orders. There is no shipping with automatic delivery.

Nutrisystem also provides customers with an option to purchase meals on a monthly basis without automatic delivery and recurring billing. This month-to-month purchase comes with a shipping charge. Month-to-month is a good option for many people who are just starting the diet. A Nutrisystem free shipping coupon will help to reduce the cost of each shipment although the cost of the meals is normally higher than what is charged through the subscription plan.


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