Great Ways to Prepare for The Gym

by May 25, 2014

Getting in shape and taking the time to condition your body with exercise are extremely important to your health and wellbeing. Attending a gym is a fantastic way to achieve the fitness levels you want as well as work on your overall health. Going to the gym for the first time can seem incredibly daunting, but don’t worry, soon enough you will be attending the gym like a professional.

Prior to your first trip to the gym there are a few things that you must prepare for; get to know your gym and familiarize yourself with protocol, as well as the machines and equipment, make sure to obtain everything that is necessary to make your trip to the gym a good one and consume the proper pre-workout foods.

Before You Go To The Gym

There are a few things that you need to do prior to your first gym trip. It’s important that you prepare yourself for the gym properly so that you can get the most out of your workout. Start our with identifying with your purpose of what you’re trying to accomplish when you go to the gym.

Are you there to get fit, lose weight, or trying to improve your health? It is extremely important to know what you’re trying to accomplish and set some goals to do so. There are some basic things you should understand when it comes to preparing for the gym. 

  1. Learn the gym hours – Make sure you are aware of the times that your specific gym operates. It can be frustrating and discourage future visits if you get ready for a workout only to arrive at the gym and find they are closed.
  2. Know the peak times – If you’re self conscious or don’t like waiting in line to use a machine you will definitely want to make sure to ask a gym rep when the peak hours are. One of the most used excuses people have for simply not going into the gym is it was too busy. Don’t let yourself be a reason for not achieving success.
  3. Get a workout buddy – If you’re new to the gym it is hard to get motivated sometimes. You can also find yourself not wanting to go back because your sore from the previous workout. Having a friend makes it more fun. You can also hold each other accountable which is why this is a great thing for people that are new to working out.
  4. Starting out simple – Do not push yourself too hard in the beginning! You can’t expect yourself to complete a fitness expert routine on day one so don’t set yourself up for failure. You need to let your body build up to a big workout; begin simple and complete a successful workout a few times before you attempt really pushing yourself hard.

Make sure that you are aware of all the requirements of attending your gym. Familiarizing yourself with the rules and expectations of the gym will ensure that your first visit will go smoothly, this way you will avoid being discouraged. For example, some gyms require you to swipe your membership card every time you arrive at the gym for your workout.

Get To Know The Machines And How To Use Them Properly  

Schedule a walk through of the gym with a trainer and ask questions. Ensure that you know how to work all the equipment and machines properly as well as the appropriate safety measures to take when working out at their facility. Ensure you expand your knowledge base when it comes to the correct way to exercise. Learn how to use proper form on a machine and functionality. Doing so will help you achieve optimal results while minimizing the risks of injury.exercise machines to avoid

Wear The Right Workout Clothing  

Dressing comfortably for the gym is very important. Wear clothing that fits well and you feel comfortable in. Know that you’re going to the gym to sweat so clothes that don’t reveal easily your perspiration helps those who are conscious.

(Tip – Double up your tops, the first layer will collect your sweat especially if it is something absorbent)

Finally, choose the right shoes that absorb impact and fit properly. If you’re going to be using the treadmill the worst thing is to have your toes crammed into a show that is a size to small.

Choose a gym bag with lots of pockets and compartments to hold the various items you will need to take to the gym with you. Pack your gym bag with anything you may need before, during and after your workout such as, a brush, change of clothing, a water bottle, and deodorant. It is also recommended that you pack a pair of shoes that you can wear if you intend to use the gym’s facilities to shower.

Pack a few towels to use if you plan on showering at the gym after your workout. Bringing a book or your favorite music is also beneficial as you can use them while you exercise. Bring a lock to put on a locker to keep your things safely stowed away until after your finished.

Workout Eating Preparations  

Consuming the correct pre-workout meal is important. You want to make sure that you have the energy to complete your workout effectively. Find the appropriate meal based on your bodies specific needs. The general rule of thumb is to consume a lean protein and a complex carbohydrate at least an hour and a half prior to your workout. Lean proteins contain significantly less saturated fats than other proteins and are generally lower in calories too.

Some examples of lean proteins are:

  • poultry
  • certain types of fish like Tilapia, Cod or white canned tuna,
  • Beans such as Garbanzo, Nuts, Lentils and Cottage cheese.

When you consume carbohydrates they are converted to glycogen which provides energy, this energy is either burned immediately or stored for use in your muscles and liver for later use. There are many different complex carbohydrates, for example;

  • whole grains
  • certain fruits
  • vegetables and legumes are all good sources of carbohydrates.

Make Sure You Are Properly Hydrated

Never attend the gym with a water deficit. Always make sure you are properly hydrated prior and during your workout to avoid dehydration.

Taking the proper steps to prepare for the gym is very important. Always make sure to take the proper measures to ensure your safety and consume the right pre-workout meal for your body. Never go to the gym with a water deficit, make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day prior to attending the gym and most of all, enjoy your workout and shape well! You are doing great things for your health!

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