Sweet Potato and Kale Soup Recipe

by April 26, 2014

Soups are a great addition to every meal plan. They can be made ahead of time and the amount can be adjusted to be for multiple meals. Soups are also a great meal for lunches. Many of us turn to carb filled meals at lunch as we are in a rush but soups allow people to have a hearty lunch without jeopardizing overall health. 

The following sweet potato and kale soup is one recipe we highly recommend incorporating into your regular meal plan! Check it out below and let us know if you try it. 

Want to cook other delicious recipes that are good for you? We know this all to well! Head on over to our Recipes section for even more recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks & desserts. Here at ShapeWell we want to make improving overall health easier and that includes the things you’re eating!

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