Improving Memory and Awareness with Napping

by April 23, 2014

The whole idea of mid-day napping to improve memory and awareness is not a new concept. There are places throughout the world that have time allotted every day for an afternoon siesta and it is becoming a practiced process even in the workplace of large businesses and organizations like Apple Inc. and Google. Sadly, this is not a concept that is being picked up on quickly by others even though it has repeatedly been proven that napping will improve an individuals overall memory and awareness with a simple nap. 

Corporate lifestyles are running the world and slowly weeding out the priority for ones mental health. Napping has continuously been labelled as something those of lazy lifestyles do and not those within the corporate world. This however is not true in any way and it is time individuals stop feeling guilty for those weekend siestas and mid movie power naps.

Napping is good for the body and completely natural for people to need. 

Improving Mental Awareness and Memory 

nappingLifestyles are becoming more demanding both in the workplace and also personal lives. People are finding themselves busy from the moment they wake to the moment they go to bed. As lifestyles continue to get busier mental health continues to diminish.

The number of people affected by mental health complications such as: 

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders 
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Psychotic disorders

This isn’t stating that if an individual does not get the necessary amount of sleep everyday they will be affected by any of the above mental illnesses, but their chances are increased greatly. The number one mental illnesses seen throughout the United States is depression. More individuals are becoming overwhelmed with their lifestyles but never having that fulfilled feeling; leaving them struggling with depression, anxiety and over time other serious mental illnesses. 

Napping has proven to have an overall improvement on many mental illnesses, overall awareness of surroundings and an individuals memory. Naps also assist with an individuals overall productivity. The more productive and successful in everyday life, the less likely someone is confronted with depression. 

How Long Should You Be Napping? 

10/20 Minutes: commonly known as the power nap; beneficial for refreshment of mind and increasing alertness and overall energy. Does not enter a deep sleep state allowing individuals to get back to daily activities without any sluggish effects. 

30 Minutes: this nap length will generally have individuals feeling groggy afterwards as their bodies are just entering a deep stage of sleep. Will help improve alertness and overall energy once grogginess has subsided. 

60 Minutes: just as a 30 minute nap, a 60 minute nap will also be confronted with some unwanted grogginess at first. 60 minute naps are great for a memory boost as well as improving energy drastically when grogginess subsides. 

90 Minutes: for those able to get a 90 minute nap, the overall results are like getting a good nights sleep. A complete sleep cycle is done and there is benefits to emotional memory, creativity and alertness. This nap is very beneficial for those who do not sleep much at night or struggle sleeping at night. 

Naps are very beneficial for everyone both physically, mentally and emotionally. Do not cut out night time zzz’s if day time zzz’s are being had; have naps as an addition to night sleep and see improvements all around. 

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