Nutritional Habits for Healthy Weight Loss

by April 11, 2014

Healthy eating no longer requires individuals to be on strict nutrition structures, involving themselves in unrealistic diet plans and the overall depriving of all things delicious. People are discovering ways to improve nutritional habits while still maintaining healthy weight loss routines. As more options become available, the easier it is becoming to find healthy foods allowing for healthy food habits for weight loss.

Introducing Success Dieting

When people are considering a new diet plan and new nutritional lifestyle; the best way to set things up is to increase the chances of success. Most get involved in plans that are unrealistic and odds are leaning towards failure over success so individuals are more reliant on the diet plan. 

successful healthy weight lossApproaching new nutritional habits should be done in stages. When life changes are approached with gradual introduction and commitments, there is less chance for failure. Some things that are recommended for introducing new healthy eating habits include: 

  • Simplify your choices – find foods that are easy to incorporate into everyday life and begin the introduction of fresh ingredients to every meal ate.
  • Baby steps to a better plate – do not expect a sudden want for all things healthy. Take small steps to introducing new eating habits like adding a salad once a day or no longer using butter for cooking but instead using olive oil. Small steps make the biggest difference in weight loss success.
  • Every change makes a difference – this is completely true. Every improvement made to an individuals eating habits has a change on their overall health. Do not instantly eliminate all things bad from a diet, slowly adapt and make the changes. Every change will make a difference. 

By diminishing the chances of diet failure by structuring for success, the chances of failure are greatly decreased. Individuals are less likely to give up, finding themselves binging on all restricted items which in turn has worse affects on overall health. Successful dieting happens over time, not over night. 

Moderating Overall Consumption 

food moderation

One struggle thousands encounter is the amounts being ate every meal. When we are young, we are taught to clear all food on plates. This in turn instantly starts peoples eating habits on the wrong path from childhood. Revamping this can be a difficult at first, but with continued moderation over time over eating will become a thing of the past. 

Understanding what a moderate amount per plate is where most find themselves stuck. There is no exact amount that all individuals should eat at every meal. Every person is different and every diet requires different structuring.

The idea of introducing nutritional habits for healthy weight loss also means introducing nutritional habits for a healthy life. These are skills that will be used forever to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Avoid creating off limit foods – when specific foods become banned from a diet, they become the must have items very fast. It is natural to crave the “unhealthy foods”, which is why only having in moderation is key. Don’t consume them at every meal or even everyday, have them occasionally and within moderation. 
  • Avoid large portions – the overall serving size of foods seen within restaurants has grown rapidly over the past decades. People want more and are being given more. As portion sizes continue to rise, so does obesity. Coincidence? Not at all. Avoid large portion sizes and consume smaller amounts. Best way to consume smaller amounts, smaller plates, bowls and cups. Start small and add in healthier options everyday. 

Develop a Relationship… with Food?

food loveWhen food becomes that one item that creates constant heart ache and frustration, the relationship becomes broken. By improving the overall relationship with food, healthy eating habits are introduced more easily and no longer becomes something dreaded.

There are ways individuals can improve a relationship with food which in turn also assists in the restructuring of emotional and social behaviors as a whole. 

  • Stop eating alone – having meals with others has many emotional and social benefits for individuals, especially for children. By eating at the TV or computer, individuals are no longer paying attention to what they are consuming and more to the technology.
  • Leave extra time to eat – prevent the meal time rush and enjoy every bite. By chewing slowly and dedicating time to meals, we are diminishing our relationship with food making it a stress versus a joy.
  • Skip the midnight snack – by eating at night, the body has minimal time to digest correctly before our bodies go into rebuild mode. By eating dinner earlier in the day and not having the midnight snack, there is improvement in weight management and dietary adjustment. Fast between dinner and breakfast, give the digestive system time to digest correctly and also get a break like the rest of the human body.  

There is a lot that can be considered when wanting to improve health and weight loss, and many more ways to redevelop healthy nutritional habits; including:

  • Consume lots of colorful vegetables and fruits
  • Eat healthy carbs and whole grains
  • Avoid unhealthy fats (saturated/trans fats)
  • Learn more about the proteins you eat
  • Improve bone health with good sources of calcium

There are many ways to improve nutritional habits for healthy weight loss; and even more options to really improve health. By introducing a more structured lifestyle there is improvement in both physical and emotional health; which in turn makes improving ones weight is easier. Improve your overall health and implement healthier habits for improved weight loss all year long!  

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