What Is In That McRib Sandwich

by January 13, 2014

 Have you ever wondered what is in that McRib Sandwich you have been looking forward to consuming? Chances are, there are times that you are driving home from a busy day at work, and see that giant golden M enticing you to turn into the driveway for a quick and easy meal for yourself and your family.

We, as consumers are targeted frequently in marketing campaigns run by various fast food establishments. These marketing campaigns appeal to a plethora of different people, based on the convenience of fast food. Some fast food establishments also target Children in their marketing by featuring characters from favorite movies or television shows in their commercials and as collectible toys with their kids meals.

These days, with such an emphasis being put on the importance of healthy eating as well as the many fingers pointing at fast food establishments for allegedly promoting obesity, many fast food restaurants have come back with “healthier options.” However, it can be difficult to make the healthier choice, when you are presented with great deals on the unhealthy, salt ladened choices, with a large sized side of sugar or artificial sweetener packed beverages.

We have decided, in order to further investigate just how bad fast food can be for you, that it was time to dissect the beloved McRib Sandwich. Our findings are rather concerning.

Although the McRib sandwich looks like a tantalizing slab of pork smothered in Barbecue Sauce and paired with onions and pickles perched between two gorgeous golden brown buns, it is not quite as simple as that.

What is in That McRib Sandwich? 

McDonalds McRib

That Gorgeous Golden Brown Bun Contains 34 different ingredient. It doesn’t take even close to that many ingredients to make bread or buns at home. 

  • The Bun Contains Azodicarbonamide– Azodicarbonamide is a chemical commonly known to be used in the production of the soles of shoes and your typical yoga mat. It is a powerful bleaching agent.
  • The Fourth Ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup– HFC goes directly to your liver and can cause major health concerns such as liver diseases. HFC also promotes the production of Cholesterol and other fats and can contribute to obesity and other chronic diseases like diabetes.
  • Ammonium Sulfate contents- The bun also contains Ammonium sulfate, a additive usually found in certain soil fertilizers.
  • The bun is also full of other chemicals and additives, including the trans fat promoting cottonseed and hydrogenated soy bean oils.

 The “Ribs”, as they are called, are also chemical laden and aren’t really even ribs at all. In fact, they are what is referred to as “Restructured Meat Product.” 

  • Contains BHA– BHA is a fat preservative also known as butylated hydroxyanisole that can be carcinogenic and tumorigenic, which means that it can cause cancer and tumors. BHA can also be attributed to behavior changes.
  • The “Ribs” contain Propyl Gallate- Propyl Gallate also has carcinogenic properties and is also known to cause health issues in regard to the respiratory system, stomach, kidneys, skin and liver. Propyl Gallate is also banned in some countries.
  • The “Ribs” are not really Ribs– The so called ribs are not really ribs at all. In fact, they are what is referred to as “Restructured Meat Product.” These “Ribs” are made out of a ton of salt, and heart, scalded stomach and tripe. 

The Delicious Barbecue Sauce that smothers the “Ribs” is not your typical Barbecue sauce. 

  • The Second Ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup– If you didn’t get enough HFC in the bun, there is also some for you to enjoy in the sauce.
  • Contains Sodium Benzoate– Sodium Benzoate is known to form Benzene, especially when in conjunction with Vitamin C. Benzene has also been known to promote leukemia. 

The So Called “Pickles” Are not Just Pickles, in fact even they contain chemicals. 

  • Potassium sorbate content– Potassium sorbate has been known to cause mutations that can be linked to certain diseases as well as damage the genetic material in your body.
  • Also contains Polysorbate 80– Polysorbate 80 is known for causing cancer. 

The onions are actually just normal yellow onions. But that’s about it. 

It’s Not all Just The Sandwich

McDonalds Pig Gestation Crates

Believe it or not, it’s not just the ingredients the McRib contains that should be of concern to those consuming it. It should also be noted that producer of the “Pork” used in the McRib was also brought up in a lawsuit filed by the Humane Society of the United States due to a very poor living environment for the pigs involved. The animals were allegedly treated very poorly, some even confined to gestation crates, some had sores in their mouths from trying to chew the bars.

Eating healthy can be difficult, but really how difficult could it possibly be knowing all the harmful chemicals that can be found in some of this food? The importance of knowing what is in your food and eating healthy is increasing, and with all the fast food consumed so are our waistlines.

Pay attention to what is in your food, eat healthy and Shapewell!


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