McDonald’s Diet – The Fad That Should Go Nowhere

by January 6, 2014

It seems that a new fad is about to be underway and for millions, this is a fad that could cause an uproar. Recently, an Iowa based science teacher decided to take on the Super Size Me documentary to prove that McDonald’s can in turn be okay for you.

John Cisna consumed 2,000 calories a day, all of which were McDonald’s meals for 90 days. In connection with his daily diet he also incorporated 45 minutes of walking a day. Before hand, he wasn’t doing this kind of exercise.

Learn more about John Cisna and his “diet” in the following video –

McDonald’s Daily Is NOT Safe 

We don’t care what anyone says, turning to McDonald’s for your “diet” is not a healthy choice. Sure, there are items on the menu that have fewer calories and sodium levels; but when you consider the amount of calories in one item you’ll soon discover you won’t be eating often.

It is recommended to eat at least 5 to 6 times a day. Each meal should consist of enough calories and substance to get you to the next meal. Most McDonald’s items exceed 400 calories each.

Here is some information on what you’d be looking at for a regular meal from McDonald’s:

  • Big Mac – 550 calories, 25g of protein, 29g of fat, 46g carbs, 970mg of sodium
  • Medium French Fries – 390 calories, 4g of protein, 19g of fat (29% DV), 48g carbs (16% DV), 270mg sodium (11% dv)
  • Medium Coca Cola – 200 calories, 55g carbs (18%), 5mg sodium

Total Meal Nutrition Summary

  • Calories – 1130
  • Calories from Fat – 430
  • Total Fat – 48g (74%)
  • Saturated Fat – 13g (64%)
  • Trans Fat – 1.5g
  • Cholesterol – 75mg (25%)
  • Sodium (1240mg (52%)
  • Total Carbs – 149g (50%)
  • Dietary Fiber – 8g (33%)
  • Sugars – 65g
  • Protein – 30g

The fact alone that you are consuming 1130 calories in ONE sitting, in gut wrenching. Add in the fact that you are getting 52% of your daily sodium in one sitting, also very disgusting.

Meals are supposed to incorporate all your daily needs throughout the day, not putting everything into one meal.

Even though John Cisna lost weight consuming McDonald’s for 90 days, the weight loss was because he was actually doing exercise. Your body requires exercise to use up those unneeded fats and extra calories, but this doesn’t make it an excuse to go eat McDonald’s every single day.

Exercise Caused the Weight Loss

When you watch the documentary Super Size Me, he doesn’t participate in regular exercise, if any. John Cisna is instantly ahead of the game by incorporating exercise into his experiment. If he wanted to have an equal playing field with the documentary Super Size Me, he wouldn’t have exercised daily and just consumed the recommended daily amounts like he states.

His comparison to Super Size Me is a false comparison and we do not feel incorporating McDonald’s into your daily diet is ever recommended. McDonalds and the word diet are two words that never match, even if they are offering “healthy” options.

*We used the Meal Builder that is now available on for the above information.

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