2014 New Years Resolutions For A Healthier You

by December 31, 2013

Every year, millions around the globe are thinking up their 2014 New Years resolutions and fingers crossed; going to follow through on them. It is something many of us do, and something many of us give up on. The number one resolution every single year is to lose weight. However when picking to lose weight we often tend to go with the simple option. Go to the gym for hours, join a fad diet, starve yourself into a slimmer you..  Sounds a bit typical. Problem is, that most people fail fast on these options. Losing weight should not mean you must starve on 1200 calories. You should not have to spend hours at the gym with a personal trainer. You don’t even have to jump on fad supplements to suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism! Simple changes to your lifestyle with a light exercise will bring you results without the risk of thyroid issues, kidney failure, or a overload on your body. If you set yourself to be overwhelmed you are simply going to fail!New Years Resolution

People are determined to change their lifestyles and lose those unwanted pounds, but in reality it never works. You are putting too much focus on just losing weight, when you should be focusing more on just being healthier.

A Healthier You, A Healthier Year 

Did you know you are more likely to lose weight by just changing up the things you eat and exercising more? When you are more focused on eating healthier and improving your physical activity the weight seems to just fall off, and in most cases you are not stressing about the pounds you are losing as you aren’t just focusing on the pounds.

Many weight loss programs focus merely on the pounds you are shedding versus improving your overall lifestyle. They want you to keep your focus on the numbers when you should be focusing on your overall health. As long as you are losing pounds, you’ll keep buying into their program.

Instead of spending money on these types of diet programs you should consider going with one that helps you improve your health and teaches you how at the same time.

BistroMD is a program that is designed to not only help you lose weight, but teaches you how to cook better and live healthier all at the same time. They help you develop an understanding of what you should be eating along with how much you should be eating. They cater to your needs and not just global needs.

When a diet program isn’t merely focused on the amount you are losing and focus on the important things like your health, you feel more successful with your venture. BistroMD wants you focusing on you, not just your waist line.

Improving Your Daily Diet In 2014

This year for your New Years resolution, instead of writing lose weight write improve my lifestyle. Be determined to cut out those Krispy Kreme doughnuts and high sugar soda drinks; and learn to incorporate healthier options. Put down the candy and pick up those vegetables. Replace those unhealthy options with delicious healthy meal choices, that yes, you can easily make. Read the labels and avoid salt and sugary foods! Steer clear of artificial sweeteners that will give you headaches and are just as unhealthy as consuming the refined sugar you’re avoiding. Lastly ensure you are adding fiber to your diet! Most manufactures tend to limit the fiber in their products because it reduces their shelf life in stores. You can simply increase the amount you consume by swapping out junk food with fresh vegetables and fruits.

A company that has been catering to our generation of getting fit and healthy is BlendTec. They make creating healthy meals and snacks so much easier with their great product line of blenders, mixers, mills and all the accessories we could dream of. They also offer weekly recipes so we don’t find ourselves getting bored of our day to day meals.

Alongside the delicious recipes from BlendTec, also hosts great recipes every week including:

There are so many ways you can improve your overall health, whether it is changing how you eat or incorporating more exercise. Stop letting yourself fall for those “lose weight” gimmicks we see everywhere this time of year and take control of your life again. Whether it is using a diet program that teaches you how to eat or heading outdoors for some quality exercise, there is a solution for you. Make this year’s resolution one you know you can follow through on and improve your lifestyle all year long!

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