Health Benefits Of Broccoli

by November 15, 2013

Getting older you tend to hear more and more about the health benefits of broccoli. It turns out that your parents were correct when they told you to eat all of your broccoli.

Growing up, your parents may have disguised your broccoli under an alias like “Little Trees” while encouraging you to use your imagination and pretend you are a tree eating giant, just to get you to eat your broccoli. Consuming broccoli benefits your health in many different ways. Broccoli can have an impact on your vision, your nervous system, immune system, blood pressure, diet and so much more.

Key Health Benefits Of Broccoli

  • Vision Assistance Broccoli is high in an antioxidant called lutein that helps to keep your eyes healthy by working to prevent degeneration related to the aging process and cataracts. Broccoli also contains high amounts of Vitamin A that can also be contributed to eye formation.
  • Nervous System Health  Broccoli is packed with Potassium, which helps when it comes to the health of your nervous system as well as contributes to better brain functionality and muscle development.
  • Immune System Benefits – Broccoli contains Beta-Carotene that aids in boosting your immune system. Broccoli also contains small amounts of minerals like selenium and Zinc that also contribute to strengthening your immune system.
  • Heart Health – Broccoli contains folate as well as Vitamin B6, both of these can reduce heart attack, stroke and other heart complications.
  • Blood Pressure Regulation Magnesium and Calcium can regulate blood pressure, and broccoli contains both. Broccoli is also a source of potassium that can also contribute in a positive manner to regulating your blood pressure.
  • Dietary Aid Broccoli is high in protein and fiber which can aid in making you feel fuller longer, help the digestion process, and defend against constipation.
  • Bone Health Consuming broccoli can be attributed to healthy bones. Broccoli is high in Calcium which is crucial when it comes to maintaining the health of your bones and preventing bone deterioration.

There are many different health benefits of broccoli that range from your vision to your dietary needs. Paying special attention to the foods you are consuming is important, take solace in knowing that broccoli is a great choice for any meal or snack.

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