Phillip “The Gift” Heath Mr. Olympia 2013

by October 2, 2013

Phillip “The Gift” Heath Wins Again

The Seattle Washington native, born December 18, 1979 has taken the title of Mr. Olympia again and the now three-time champion knows what it takes to stay out on top.

Winner Of Mr. Olympia 2013 Phil Heath



Mr. Olympia 2013 Recap

The 2013 show began with a tribute to the godfather of bodybuilding, Joe Weider. And before each competitor’s individual routine, he shared a short story about his experiences with Joe. The 49th Olympia was, undeniably, dedicated to the Master Blaster.  Ten thousand bodybuilding enthusiasts filed into the Orleans Arena for the Olympia contest.

In a contest between the best bodybuilders in the world, Phillip Heath stood above the rest and earned the title of Mr. Olympia 2013. Phillip Heath went head to head with long time friend Kai Greene and Dennis Wolf for the final event. This is the third-straight title for Heath, who has continually risen over the past few years to put himself on top of the sport.

In an interview Heath openly shares his envy for Kai Greene’s performance style on stage. While the competition requires many months of intense preparations to obtain maximal physique Heath believes that it is simply an art form. Whether or not he wins is not as important as the sport itself and giving props where it is due. Heath proved to be the best in the contest to win the biggest prize in tournament history in front of the sold-out crowd.


Story of Phil Heath’s Journey

Before becoming a bodybuilder Phil played on the University of Denver Men’s Basketball team as a point guard.  At 5ft 9 inches weighing in at 246 lbs, Phil makes his home in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Many wondered if this was going to be the year that someone knocked the champion off his Mr. Olympia pedestal but Heath was perfect in appearance.

Only 13 bodybuilders have won the title in the 49-year history of the event.  The history of the event shows that defending champions are tough to beat. Once a bodybuilder gets to the top, it is nearly impossible to knock him off his earned podium.  Heath is poised to continue his dominance as long as he continues to stay motivated.

The 33-year-old grabbed another Sandow trophy, and he took home the biggest prize in the history of the event.  Phil accepted his award with a lovely tribute to his wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. His candid speech left even the biggest muscle men a little teary-eyed.

Phil joins the ranks of only seven men who have won three or more times, including Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took the title seven times, and Lee Haney, who won an unprecedented eight consecutive times.

If I am not in this to win, then I  am simply am not doing my job” ~ Phillip Heath

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