Fight Flu Symptoms Naturally

by September 5, 2013

Having the flu can be an awful experience for anyone, especially the various flu symptoms we experience and can have you down for the count for quite a while. Seeking ways to fight the terrible symptoms of the flu is beneficial to your health. There are many things that can decrease the time and severity of the symptoms that result from coming down with the flu. Ginger, warm water and lemon can actually all have a fantastic impact on flu symptoms. 

What is the Flu

The flu is caused by the influenza virus. Although a cold and the flu have many of the same symptoms, the flu is a respiratory illness caused by a different strain of viruses than the common cold. In fact, the flu may have more serious complications than a normal cold would. When the influenza virus penetrates the body, it quickly navigates to the respiratory system and attaches itself to the cells. As the virus migrates from the respiratory tract to your blood stream, the first symptoms will start to appear.

Natural Flu Symptoms Remedies

Flu Symptoms

  • Congestion and runny nose
  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Exhaustion
  • Body Aches
  • Sneezing

Complications of the Flu

The flu works to weaken immune systems functions, putting people susceptible to complications. Those that have weakened immune systems due to other ailments are at a higher risk of experiencing these complications.

  • Dehydration
  • Exaggeration of pre existing conditions like diabetes and asthma
  • Bacterial pneumonia
  • Sinus and ear infections

Fight Flu Symptoms Naturally

There are several different options to fight flu symptoms naturally. Both of the following are the most common used items for flu assistance:

Ginger – The compound gingerol is what contributes to the bold flavor of ginger, but that’s not all it does. Gingerol stimulates the production of sweat, the more you perspire the more toxins are removed from your body. When the toxins are removed from your body, you are given the ability to effectively speed up the process of the flu. Ginger can also work to nullify pathogenic bacterias. Pathogenic bacteria is the type of bacteria that can cause infectious diseases.

Warm Water and Lemon – Vitamin C has always been attributed to the health and wellness of your immune system and lemons are jam packed with it. Water and lemon also work to flush toxins out of your body as they have many detoxifying benefits. Staying hydrated while having the flu is also very important to the relief of symptoms, and warm water and lemon are very beneficial to the health of your lymph system and can help to restore water lose, back to your body.

How to Use Natural Remedies

There are many ways to use ginger and warm water with lemon to help your flu symptoms. One is to make tea using lemon, ginger and warm water. Ensure that you check the correct dosage and consult your doctor prior to ingesting this healthful concoction.

Ginger, warm water and lemon are great, natural ways to combat flu symptoms and aid in shortening the duration of symptoms. Next time you come down with the flu ensure that you are taking the appropriate measures, and you will be back on your feet in no time conquering the unwanted flu symptoms naturally.

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