Essential Amino Acids for Proper Health & Controlled Weight Loss

by August 27, 2013

The subject of health has increasingly become one of great importance over the recent years with millions of dollars invested in scientific research to determine what is good and bad for a person’s well-being, including studies behind amino acids. All the idealistic ways to lose weight are often met with a brick wall as solutions such as anorexia, bulimia and even the Atkins diet have been discovered to negatively impact your health detrimentally.

Realistically weight loss supplements do not work as there is no such magic pill in existence. Despite this reality individuals are faced with the difficult task to losing weight efficiently and effectively while not compromising their overall health.Importance Of Using Amino Acids

If you are faced with a situation that resembles the above concerns then this article will hopefully shed some new light into your perspectives on weight loss.

Essential Amino Acids Supplements and Control

The essential points of weight loss revolves around the consumption of calories, the type of calories consumed, the time of day those calories are consumed and the quantity of calories you have burned throughout the day doing activities or exercise. The next crucial point to cover is the narrow scope of meal nutrition and the principles pertaining to calorie expenditure.

Nutrition supplements on the other hand act differently to weight loss supplements in assisting weight loss from a different aspect. These work in a variety of ways which is dependent upon the method in which they are used and for what purpose. One of the key nutrition supplements discovered to provide optimum results in benefiting brain health as well as aiding in weight loss is the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Amino acids renowned to be the building blocks of all protein matter.

Necessary Amino Acids for Proper Health

The branched chain amino acids contain three amino acids that the human body is unable to manufacture on its own and therefore there is a reliance on consumption of these three vital amino acids through food or from a branched chain amino acid nutritional supplement.

The three amino acids are:

  • L-Valine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine

Out of the nine essential amino acids your body requires, these three amino acids are the most important as they assist in speeding body recovery following exercise and activities. This pushes the goal of losing weight within grasp above the boosting of your metabolic rate which enhances your achievement to accomplishment.

Fuelling Your Body with BCAAs

These three amino acids allow your body to repair and recover itself naturally as quickly and efficiently as possible through muscle tissue recovery. As a result, L-Valine , L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine can act as a fuel for your body when resources within run at a low level. The tougher and more intense your workout, the higher the need for the consumption of branched chain amino acids supplements during your breaks.

Branched chain amino acids are responsible for synthesizing proteins into muscle which result in a higher muscle tone. As a result of the increase of muscle mass, stored calories in your body are burned as fuel which in turn burns your body fat. The lack of branched chain amino acids inside your body will result in the excretion of proteins due to the deficiency.

An additional benefit to branched chain amino acids supplements is the taste factor of being quite appealing. BCCAs also comes in a powder form which can be mixed with water which enables a higher water diet great for detoxification and the appealing taste detracts from the sweet tooth of alternative energy drinks. BCCA supplements and powders contain almost zero calories enhancing the attraction for those who aim for increased overall health and to achieve weight loss.

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