Benefits of Spinach – Incorporating Spinach into Your Diet

by May 6, 2013

Knowing the benefits of certain foods makes the decision to consume more of them a lot easier and today we are discussing the health benefits of spinach. Educating yourself on the benefits and risks of everything that you put in your body will help you not only make better choices but also make you more aware of the health risk associated with not consuming the appropriate amount of certain foods.

What is Spinach? Health Benefits Of Spinach

Spinach is yet another incredibly healthy green leafy vegetable. It is an annual, edible, flowering plant native to Southwestern and Central Asia. Spinach is jam packed with many vitamins and minerals. Spinach is also known to be antioxidant rich, that has been deemed as one of the top vegetables.

Spinach is nutrient rich and contains an ORAC value of 1260. Spinach is a great source of nutrients and works wonders especially when consumed raw, steamed, or juiced.

Spinach is a leafy green food and is easily incorporated into your diet. It is great cooked and raw, and put in just about everything. You can have spinach in such things as:

  • Shakes
  • Smoothies
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches

It adds a little added texture to your meals and also is a great substitute for meats with how filling spinach is.

Health Benefits of Spinach

There are so many benefits of spinach and adding Spinach to your diet. The benefits range from improving the overall function of your body to the appearance and health of your skin. Since we are discussing the benefits of spinach for your health, we’ve listed some of the top improvements spinach has on your health below.

Improves Vision

Spinach contains large amounts of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin; these antioxidants are especially beneficial to the health of your eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin can not only defend your eyes against cataracts but can also protect against age related sight loss.

Boosts Immune System

Spinach can aid in boosting your immune system by strengthening your mucous membranes and respiratory system as well as urinary and intestinal tracts. This is because Spinach contains upwards of 300% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is also an important factor in White blood cells that help to defend against infection.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Due to the incredibly high content of Neoxanthin and violaxanthin in Spinach; it is especially beneficial to controlling and fighting against inflammation.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Spinach is high in Peptides which has displayed properties that may regulate and lower blood pressure.

Cancer Protection

Flavonoids have been shown to impede cell division when it comes to skin and stomach cancers and Spinach contains large amounts. Spinach has also been shown to be very beneficial when it comes to defending against the aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Diet Benefits

Spinach not only helps you feel fuller longer, but also prevents constipation, helps the digestion process and contains almost 20% of the recommended daily intake of fiber.

Improves Brain and Nervous System Function

Spinach can be attributed to the improvement of the function of your brain and nervous system due to it’s Vitamin K content.

Healthier Looking Skin

The Vitamin A content in Spinach can be attributed to healthier skin. Spinach consumption can fight against the effects of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis or even wrinkles by allowing for proper moisture retention.

Promotes Bone Health

Vitamin K can also help your bone health, and due to the high amount of Vitamin K in Spinach your bones will thank you. Spinach can help strengthen your bones and aid in maintaining bone density.

Spinach is a fantastic choice when it comes to any meal. Serve spinach up in a salad, steamed as a side dish or incorporate it into fillings and your favorite recipes. Get some spinach and get ready to offer heaping serving of health to you and your family. It is easy to experience the health benefits of spinach, so do it today!

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