Health Benefits Of Juicing

by April 22, 2013

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a fantastic way to promote a healthier lifestyle and support a healthier body over all. The health benefits of juicing are exponentially important to your health, wellness and function of your body. If you have chosen to start juicing, or are currently juicing, you are making fantastic choices for the health of your body and mind. If you are not yet juicing, it is very important to understand the health benefits of doing so as once you have obtained this knowledge you will want to start juicing as soon as possible. Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing 101 – Visual Aid, See The Results

One of the biggest influencers of juicing is Joe Cross. He began his transformation while filming his documentary “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead“. In the movie Joe, who is obese, suffering from an auto-immune skin disease “chronic urticaria” and high risk of a heart attack seeks out to transform his life through juicing. In his journey he travels to America where he performs a 60 day juice fast and completely reverses his lifestyle. The movie plays a major impact to many people turning to juicing and is a great place to further your knowledge.

Processing and cooking fruits and vegetables can destroy valuable nutrients your body needs to derive from these foods, juicing raw fruits and vegetables help to promote your body’s absorption of these important nutrients. Using organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible is in your best interests when juicing.

Reasons Why You Should Start Juicing

Optimal Consumption Juicing raw fruits and vegetables, together or separate, is the best way to achieve the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables each day. It is much easier to drink juice than consume that same amount of raw fruits and vegetables without juicing.

Detoxifying Benefits Raw juice is a fantastic way to encourage detoxification within your body. All fruits contain different acids that work to destroy harmful substances inside your body.

Vitamin and Mineral Absorption Consuming fruits and vegetables in raw juice form allow for optimal vitamin and mineral absorption. Juicing makes the fruits and vegetables easier to digest than consuming them any other way. Your body has a hard time digesting the skin and pulp contained in fruits and vegetables when they have not been juiced. Juicing is beneficial to optimal vitamin and mineral absorption, leading to a healthier you.

Vitamin and Mineral Content Raw juices contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals that you would not be ingesting and absorbing as well as if you were to cook them and consume them that way. Bottled juice also doesn’t contain as much of these vitamins and minerals as you would find in your own homemade raw juice.

Water Content Raw fruits and vegetables are a fantastic natural source of water. Fruits and Vegetables such as Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Cucumber contain up to 95% water, which can not only help you stay hydrated but also aid in getting your suggested water intake each day.

Health Protection and Immune System Defense – Juicing can also help to protect against many different ailments such as certain cancers, constipation, high blood pressure, asthma and so much more. The different chemical plant substances are found in all fruits and vegetables, by juicing you are absorbing many disease fighting agents.

Many Options There are many different fruit and vegetable combinations that you can use when you juice. The possibilities are endless when it comes to raw juice. Being able to create your own unique concoctions is a great way to ensure that you don’t become bored with your juice consumption.

Getting Started On Your Juicing Journey

Now that you have decided to transform your life and free you body from the lifestyle we have learned to live you need support. One fantastic go to communities that you will completely love and find great insight and motivation is This community is lead by the amazing Drew Canole “Leading Transformation Expert”. He offers a great community for recipes, motivation, mindset, and support. Through this community you can be inspired, receive endless help and support, get coached, win juices, and transform your life.

Juicing your raw fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial to many different things in your body. It is much easier to consume the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables when juicing and you are doing wonderful things for your health and wellbeing. Start juicing today to begin your journey to a healthier body.

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