The Health Benefits of Kale

by April 1, 2013

The health benefits of Kale are exponential. Adding Kale to your menu can be perfect for many different aspects of your health. Kale is one of those superfoods that boast benefits that extend from aiding in your weight loss journey all the way to the health of your vital organs. With so many different health benefits, it’s hard to understand why you haven’t been consuming Kale frequently from the start. Benefits Of Kale

Key Health Benefits of Kale

High in Vitamin K– Vitamin K is beneficial to the prevention of many different Cancer types. Kale contains large amounts of this wonderful vitamin. Vitamin K has also been shown to help with your bone health and prevent blood clotting. The consumption of Kale for it’s vitamin K content has also been shown to help those diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease.

High in Vitamin C – It is well known that vitamin C is vital when it comes to the performance of your immune system function, as well as your metabolism and maintaining your body’s appropriate hydration levels. Kale is exceptionally high in Vitamin C, therefore, helping many different aspects of your body.

High in Iron – Iron has many different purposes within your body. Iron is vital when it comes to the transportation of oxygen to many different body parts, proper liver function, the formation of hemoglobin, and cell growth. Kale has fewer calories than beef, however, contains more iron, making Kale a superb choice to stabilize your iron levels and maintain a healthier body.

Low in Fat, Calories and Packed with Fibre – Kale is not only low in fat and calories, but is also packed with large amounts of fibre. The fibre in Kale aids your body to digest your food more effectively.

Powerful Antioxidant – Kale is packed full with carotenoids and flavonoids that help to protect against many different Cancer types.

Cardiovascular Support – If your cholesterol levels are high, consuming more Kale can help to lower them to a healthy level.

High in Vitamin A – Kale contains Vitamin A. Vitamin A is perfect for the health of your skin, vision and the prevention of different cancers.

Anti-inflammatory Properties- Kale is an excellent source of Omega-3 Fatty acids which can help to fight against autoimmune disorders, arthritis and asthma.

Detoxifying Properties – Kale contains both sulfur and fiber which both have incredible detoxifying benefits and help to improve liver health.

Magnesium and Folate – Kale is a source of Magnesium and Folate. Magnesium is a terrific way to keep your bones strong and healthy as well as helps to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level. Magnesium is also crucial when it comes to maintaining your heart rhythm, muscle contractions, blood sugar, immune system function and nerve function. Folate is essential to normal body function and is essential when it comes to proper cell growth and division.

There are so many health benefits of Kale that should inspire you to add it to your diet. Whether you juice it or add it to your favorite salad, Kale boasts so many different health benefits that it’s about time you start consuming more of it.

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