Silica And Diatomaceous Earth

by December 13, 2012

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is known for being both very soft and rich in crystalline silica. It can be easily crushed into a fine powder, which has the feel of a slightly abrasive pumice type material. What makes this type of stone unique is that it contains fossilized remains called diatoms, which are a type of hard shelled algae. The crystalline silica contained in this material is simply silica (most commonly found in the sand) in its native crystallized form. While diatomaceous earth has a wide array of uses in both home and industrial environments, it has recently gained a following as a dietary supplement.

I recently heard a popular juicing community talk about diatomaceous earth. They were promoting it as a great supplement to include into your daily regimen as  life changing. Upon hearing this I felt there are so many people out there who will have no idea what it is or even if it is safe to consume it. I figured I would give you some brief information on it and if it is even safe for consumption as it appears it is on the rise to promotion for consumption!

Why Eat Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a well known natural insecticide. Many people believe it is ideal when it comes to killing parasites within the body. It is often used by farmers as part of their livestock feed to kill off any worms the animal might have living in their digestive tract. Due to the high absorption rates seen in diatomaceous earth, it is also believed to bring about health benefits by soaking up many toxins found within the body. It can also bring about many other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure or curing clogged arteries.

What Other Uses Does Diatomaceous Earth Have?

Diatomaceous earth has many uses in and around the home and in an industrial setting. It is most often used as an insect killer. The tiny fragments of Diatom shell contained within diatomaceous earth are very sharp, and create small cuts throughout the shell of any insect that passes over it. This causes the insect’s body to dry out and eventually results in death. It is one of the most effective insect killers available since it works on all types of bugs. It also is used in filtration systems because of its ability to soak up large amounts of contaminants before needing to be changed out.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Diatomaceous Earth?

While there are many claimed benefits of eating diatomaceous earth as a part of your everyday diet, the only proven benefit deals with issues regarding the digestive tract. Working the same way that is does outside the body, diatomaceous earth passing through a person’s system will kill off any parasites it comes in contact with. It also helps to break up any intestinal blockage allowing it to pass out of the body much easier. While these claims have not been approved for human use, they have been certified as being true for use in animals and food grade diatomaceous earth is sold for the purpose of consumption. It is very important to only consume food grade products.

Fact: Of 600 Diatomaceous Earth deposits in the US, only 4 rate in purity by FDA standards to designate as “Food Grade”. Also Crystalline silica should be less than less than 0.5% for safe consumption.

The above health claims have not been evaluated by the medical profession and should be taken at one’s own risk. While diatomaceous earth is safe to eat, one must only consume food grade quality earth as non food grades are much sharper and can cause internal injuries. You must also be careful not to inhale the diatomaceous earth as it may cause long-term damage with long-term exposure

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