Increasing Your Heart Rate Levels During Exercise

by December 7, 2012

By now, most people know how beneficial exercises is. Exercise helps people maintain a healthy weight, and can build strength that can prevent physical injuries. Research has shown that the primary benefit of exercise is to improve our heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world, so everyone needs to ensure that they take steps to keep their hearts as healthy as possible. Fortunately, exercise does not need to be as intense as many imagine.  Here are some of the benefits of increasing your heart rate levels.

Our heart is a muscle and pushes blood through our body. The heart is responsible for keeping organs and muscles properly oxygenated. Since the heart is constantly pumping it builds endurance that allows it to continue working. However, the heart will degrade in performance as people age, and this performance degradation can lead to future issues. By increasing one’s heart rate levels, those who exercise can ensure that their hearts are able to keep up as they age.

Exercise Doesn’t Have To Be Tedious

In the past, many people thought that exercise has to be intense to have any measurable benefits. Modern research, however, has smashed this notion, and researchers are now pointing out that exercise only needs to increase how fast the heart beats moderately. People who exercise 15-30 minutes three times per week can be enough to make a measurable difference to your health and appearance.

Further, this research has shown that the form of exercise one engages in makes little difference. As a result, people can simply choose the most enjoyable activities for them. Those who enjoy canoeing, for example, do not have to feel as if they ought to be running or bicycling. In addition, people can choose to play a sport instead of having to focus on a traditional exercise routine.

In the past, considerable research went into determining how to rate exercises. A number of competing theories circulated, and health experts often would base their advice on the latest research. Thanks to modern exercise research advice about exercise can be considerably simplified. By simply focusing on heart rate, those who exercise can ensure that they are benefiting from their activities.

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