5 Worst Locations for Snacking While Dieting

by November 8, 2012

Snacking in-between meals is the number one reason why dieters fail or gain weight after losing weight. Snacking while dieting can be the downfall of any weight-loss attempts.The act of eating snacks isn’t actually the problem; it’s the lack of portion control, attention and choices which cause us to fail.

By having healthy choices on hand, controlling our portions and paying attention, we can see positive results.

There are locations which also pose a problem for dieters, mainly because they encourage the negative behaviors we’ve listed above. Even as certain high-fat and high-calorie snacks are best avoided by dieters, several popular snacking locations can prove perilous as well.

5 Worst Locations for Snacking While Dieting

Snacking While Driving

We all do it, drive through windows are a testament to our need for food on the go. Anyone who has seen the movie Supersize Me knows the dangers involved in drive through eating. When presented with a choice between a burger and a salad, chances are we’ll be making unwise eating choices.

Experts agree that people who are trying to lose weight should consume their food in an environment that is calming, paying attention to portion size and taste. When you’re on the road snacking you aren’t really paying attention to your food. Perhaps you’re doing a quick calculation of calories before taking the first bite but are you actually enjoying it?

Have you fallen into the habit of instant gratification while on the road?

Snacking While Dieting

Snacking at the Movie Theater

Ask anyone who has ever attended a movie theater and they’ll agree the first thought that comes to mind is the smell of buttery popcorn. This is no coincidence, movie theaters rely upon the income generated by their snack bars.

Not only are movie theater snacks expensive their portion sizes are large and full of empty calories. Ask yourself if you’ve ever sat through a two hour movie without munching with no memory of how much you had consumed.

Can you imagine going to the movies and bypassing the snack bar?

Snacking In Front of The TV

Sitting in front of the TV watching your favorite show or movie has become an extension of the movie going experience.

As we watch our programs we are inundated with triggers. Each commercial break brings advertisements from companies promoting their delicious, high calorie products. The ads stimulate our senses and we often find we’re suddenly craving something which isn’t on our diet.

Have you ever found yourself searching the fridge after a stimulating food commercial?

Snacking While On-line

Whether you’re taking on-line courses, working at your desk or simply browsing social media you’re at risk for snacking. Many people who are on-line spend their time snacking away without realizing it. Their fingers reach for food without much thought, certainly not realizing what they’re eating.

This can quickly become a habit and the weight begins to creep on.

Do you set yourself up for failure by bringing a full bag of chips to the computer?

Snacking At Bedtime

It’s the snacking right before we sleep that is actually the worst of all. Our bodies are about to be the least active of the day and our metabolism will be at its lowest rate of the day. By eating poor choices before bed we can sabotage all of the good choices we’ve made throughout the day.

There really is no good location for poor snacking; in the end it’s up to each of us to set our minds to the fact that we’re changing our lifestyles. Make the choice to eat food only in situations where you’re paying attention; such as at a dining room table, in the lunch room at work or school. Be sure to dish up appropriate portions and get the unhealthy snack foods out of the house.

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